About us

The conference organizer is the international company Smile-Expo, which coordinates business events, forums and exhibitions for 12 years.

We carry out market analysis and follow the news in the field of technology. We choose innovative trends and present them to our visitors.

For our events, we invite specialists in the field of blockchain, IoT, vaping, 3D printing, robotics, AI, online gaming and e-sports. Together with the leading experts, we cover the most relevant topics and reveal the potential of new technologies.

12 years’ of Smile-Expo’s experience means:

  • 250+ events;
  • 356 000+ visitors;
  • 500+ speakers;
  • 500+ top exhibitors.

Today, Smile-Expo is the largest organizer of conferences dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We have been holding events from the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference series around the world since 2014 and have already successfully organized 44 events in 25 countries.

We stay strong in the pursuit of our goals and continue to scale new heights.