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Alexei Kudrin commented on blockchain difficulties in Russia

The head of the Center for Strategic Development listed the factors that make it difficult to digitalize the country and introduce a blockchain technology in the government administration. According to the former Minister of Finance, the most important ones are workforce and inflexible legislation.

The head of CSD thinks that the blockchain technology inclusion in public establishments cannot be realized without good specialists. Higher education establishments shall provide at least 120 000 specialists in innovative technologies annually in order to guarantee the introduction and maintenance of innovations. The expert also focuses on schools: they are to prepare at least 800 000 computer-qualified graduates every year. Future young specialists would learn the base needed while working with high-tech.

The second strategic factor, according to Alexei Kudrin, is a regulatory framework. He considers the existing system of standardization and digital technologies regulation imperfect.

“Standards must change, and the government must learn it”.

Nowadays in Russia, the question of the blockchain inclusion into the services of Russian Prosecutor-General’s Office is being discussed. The non-profit organization – Center of Strategic Development – joined the project in April.


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