Blockchain Conference Moscow: why attend the eighth topical event?

Blockchain Conference Moscow: why attend the eighth topical event?

On November 20, the international company Smile-Expo will organize already the eighth Blockchain Conference Moscow dedicated to blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies. Why shouldn’t you miss it?

Top-line experts

The conference will gather top-line experts in the field of fintech, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. Among the speakers, there will be representatives of Bitfury, Synergis, as well as Member of the Expert council at Financial market committee at the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

They will discuss the current tech trends and share real case studies in blockchain implementation in various companies.

The keynote topics of the conference will include token development, ICO investment, trading on the crypto market. Besides, the speakers will dwell on the digital assets regulation in Russia and abroad as well as risk prevention in blockchain-fueled business.

Latest products

The conference will include the traditional demo zone where the world’s leading blockchain companies will present their products.

Crypto industry representatives will showcase new mining equipment, software, payment systems as well as new solutions for cryptocurrency storage.

Startups presentation and networking

The startups will present their ideas in the field of blockchain and business concepts within a small pitch session.

At the conference, blockchain enthusiasts will as well have a chance to establish business partnership. During the networking session, they will communicate with potential partners and clients, make beneficial deals.

Results of the previous conference and organizer

Experts from such renowned companies as PwC, IBM, and Dash took part in the previous (seventh) Blockchain Conference Moscow. Attendees also met state officials elaborating cryptocurrency regulation in Russia.

The conference is organized by Smile-Expo company that has already held 44 successful blockchain events in 25 countries: more than 500 speakers took the floor, 500+ exhibitors showed their products and solutions, high-profile media coverage, and attention of the crypto community.

Don’t miss a chance to attend the country major blockchain event and get the firsthand information about the decentralized technology from the top-line experts!


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