Blockchain to control elections and medicine supply. Week’s news in crypto world

Blockchain to control elections and medicine supply. Week’s news in crypto world

Russian miners will not pay taxes, private limited companies will be able to issue in-house tokens, blockchain to be introduced in elections. Follow our digest to get to know week’s news related to blockchain tech.

No taxes for Russian miners

The bill ‘On Digital Financial Assets’ does not specify the notion ‘mining’. As reported by Head of Financial Market Committee at the State Duma of the Russian Federation Anatoly Aksakov, during the law reading, the committee claimed the absence of need for bitcoins.

Before the document approval, the authorities were discussing adding a paragraph about taxation of miners. The civil servant currently states that it is the Federal Tax Service that is to solve this question.

“Mining plays no role in a system we described,” announces Anatoly Aksakov.

Blockchain to control medicine supply in Russia

The Governor of Novgorod Oblast Andrey Nikitin proposed the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Veronika Skvortsova to introduce own blockchain-based project in a healthcare system of the Russian Federation.

The project was developed along with the Blockchain Competence Center. The main idea of the project is control over the entire medicine supply chain – from a manufacturer to a patient. According to Andrey Nikitin, this would decrease the number of fake medicine.

The project would help patients track the entire medicine supply chain and check their availability at city’s pharmacies.

Blockchain to be implemented into elections

Chair of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova supported the initiative put forward by Party of Growth political organization of blockchain implementation into elections.

Party of Growth Leader Boris Titov noted that blockchain tech would eradicate any fakes. The civil servant also mentioned the blockchain experiment held by Party of Growth at Moscow mayoral elections. The voters registered on the special website, then came to the electoral district and ticked their geolocation.

27 000 people took part in the experience. The results showed that blockchain is applicable at all kinds of elections.

Russians are not interested in cryptocurrency anymore?

President at Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (RACIB) Yuri Pripachkin commented on the words of the Central Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina concerning the drop of the interest in cryptocurrency in Russia.

Yuri Pripachkin claimed that digital currency has grown to be a common thing, that is why the number of projects entailing digital cash is going up.

“Most possibly, it meant the decrease in volatility on this market that became more stable,” states the President at RACIB.

What is more, the expert ensures that a new stage of the development of the digital currency market is on the horizon.

Sberbank to run ICO for clients

Sberbank plans to conduct an ICO for the clients after the adoption of the law ‘On Digital Financial Assets’. The bank representatives note that issuance of in-house tokens may attract more capital. Such an interest aroused due to the booming popularity of cryptocurrency among the Russians.

The National Settlement Depository representatives supported the idea of Sberbank. As they calculated, it is Russian investors who conduct 10% of cryptocurrency transactions across the globe.

Russian companies to issue tokens equal to conventional assets

Russian private limited companies will be able to produce in-house legal cryptocurrencies and tokens. Representatives of the State Duma of the Russian Federation proposed to make amendments to the bill ‘On Digital Financial Assets’.

If it’s adopted, the Central Bank of Russia will check all rights of private entrepreneurs and legal entities. They will be stored on a blockchain. The law would also be applicable to joint-stock companies and private limited companies.

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