Blockchain for AR and technology advance on the East: breaking news in cryptocurrency realm

Blockchain for AR and technology advance on the East: breaking news in cryptocurrency realm

The State Duma of the Russian Federation debates over crypto ruble issuance, pioneer blockchain lab opens in Saudi Arabia, IBM intends to use the technology in AR games. Follow the digest to read about these and other events in the blockchain universe.

Russia debates over crypto ruble

Head of Financial Market Committee at the State Duma of the Russian Federation Anatoly Aksakov announcedthe possible issuance of a crypto ruble. The Russian digital coin may become a fiat analog.

As reported by Anatoly Aksakov, crypto ruble issuance has to be preceded by the adopted regulations of the crypto market. Besides, the decision should be approved by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Russian inhabitants would be able to exchange rubles for crypto money – one can deposit RUB 100 000 and get 100 000 crypto rubles. However, the idea remains unfulfilled. According to the civil servant, there is no urgent need for a crypto ruble.

Bitfury Group attracts$80 minvestments

Bitfury Group mining equipment manufacturer attracted $80 m investments. The money will be given to the development of the company’s software and hardware.

The investors were South Korean Naver Group, Asian Macquarie Capital and Dentsu as well as iTech Capital fund from Russia. Korelya Capital fund headed the round of financing.

IBM patents blockchain solution for AR games

One of the IT heavyweights IBM applied for a patent on a blockchain system that will point out borders in AR games.

The aim of a new system is preventing players from entering banned locations. The technology described in a document will define available locations and control their trespassing.

Blockchain will be used to prevent data falsification.

Saudi Arabia University to launch blockchain lab

Taibah University in Saudi Arabia along with Blocktech American fintech company plan to launch a blockchain lab.

The University team underwent blockchain courses in New York and is currently ready to share knowledge with students. Blockchain Lab aims at blockchain introduction on the Near East.

5 m Russians appear to have suffered from cryptojacking in September

As investigated by Avast IT security company, 5.1 attacks of viral software were recorded in September 2018.

The analysts explain that the number of attacks is influenced by the price of cryptocurrencies. At the peak of Bitcoin’s cost in 2017, 34 m Russians suffered from cryptojacking attacks. Within the stagnation period, the number of attacks drops – in August 2018, 1.7 m cases were registered.

The experts think that cryptojacking growth in September can be explained by the fraudsters’ hope for a sharp cryptocurrency increase.

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