Blockchain projects of Rosatom and cryptocurrency settlements in Russia: main news in the field of blockchain

Blockchain projects of Rosatom and cryptocurrency settlements in Russia: main news in the field of blockchain

Hyperledger Project and EEA announced collaboration, Gemini crypto exchange will insure users, and Bitmain purchased a startup that developed a BCH wallet. Read about these and other events in the world of blockchain in the weekly digest of crypto news.

Russia can replace USD with cryptocurrency

The Russian government is preparing a dedollarization project. It is based on the proposal of the president of VTB Bank Andrey Kostin.

Kostin offered to expand the use of the Russian ruble for international settlements. He presented his plan to Vladimir Putin in July this year and the President approved the proposal.

However, the expert of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation Vladislav Ginko believes that it is hardly possible to refuse from USD in the nearest future. The economist offered to switch to settlements in the cryptocurrency as a solution.

Rosatom will use blockchain in its projects

The Rosatom State Corporation is planning to use blockchain, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence in its manufacturing processes. The company wants to improve the efficiency of production using high technologies.

According to the head of the Rosatom’s information technologies department Yevgeny Abakumov, the company plans to become the best in the country’s digital sector.

The expert highlights that Rosatom will engage specialists working in the field of digitalization.

Bitmain purchased a startup that created wallets for BCH

ASIC manufacturer Bitmain purchased Telescope startup that developed a browser crypto wallet for Bitcoin Cash. Bitmain’s head of international PR Nishant Sharma states that Telescope’s wallet is the key innovation for the BCH ecosystem.

Today the wallet is available in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, as well as supported by BitPay and Moneybutton services. After the completion of the acquisition deal, the list of browsers is planned to be expanded.

Hyperledger and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance have become partners

Leading blockchain consortiums Hyperledger Project and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) have signed a partnership agreement to act as associate members.

Organizations will jointly develop standards for corporate distributed networks.

According to representatives of the organizations, the partnership commits to the open source code. It is expected that the collaboration will speed up the massive adoption of blockchain by the business environment.

Gemini crypto exchange will insure user assets

Gemini Bitcoin exchange announced that it would insure digital assets of users stored on the platform.

Representatives of the exchange state that users need the same level of protection as provided by the traditional financial institutions.

Insurance services will be provided by the leader in the field of risk management Aon.

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