Blockchain revolution in marketing: how technology makes advertising useful

Blockchain revolution in marketing: how technology makes advertising useful

There are a lot of problems in the modern online advertising industry: cheat views, absence of transparency, and fraud. Moreover, advertising content is frequently poor-quality and unpleasant for users.

Let’s figure out how blockchain solves online marketing challenges and returns users’ interest in advertising.

Bots and fake clicks

One of the issues faced by advertising platforms is a dummy audience and click fraud. Ads are viewed by bots, while clicks appear to be fake.

Such a situation causes huge problems for companies, as they can daily lose about $7 billion because of artificial traffic.


A solution for this issue has been developed by adChain, a platform by Data & Marketing Association and MetaX. It offers a set of open protocols based on Ethereum blockchain. Well, adChain stores an off-the-shelf register of websites and publishers that do not use fraudulent schemes during ad placement.

With the project being decentralized, users determine scammy domains by voting.

Besides, AdBank, a platform detecting fraudulent schemes due to blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, is going to stop online advertising swindle.

The service provides transparency of transactions between advertisers and publishers and promises to carry out a revolution in the online advertising industry.

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Insufficient users' motivation

Advertisers put large funds into their ads. However, according to the study by Juniper Research, $27 billion will be wasted for unlooked ads by 2020.

There are plenty of reasons: users do not want to spend time on examining ads, and banners are becoming low grade and intrusive.


A solution is offered by Brave, a browser featuring a payment system on blockchain and a built-in feature allowing to block advertising.

These tools allow users to block all ads in the browser any moment. However, this unique solution provides users with the possibility to thank an advertiser for useful or good ads.

Users will also receive gratitude for their attention to placed content: they will obtain BATs (Basic Attention Token) as a reward for ad views. Tokens can be spent within the system, encouraging the platform growth.

Furthermore,  the browser shows users only relevant ads that can be interesting to them. All links are checked: they are less vulnerable to malicious software.

In May 2017, the platform raised $35 million in 30 seconds during the first ICO. Brave became the first project to achieve such success.

User analysis

Before placing ads, marketing specialists should conduct user analysis.

The platform provides data on visits of website and availability of target audience, but this information requires verification.


Synapse is a platform allowing consumers and companies to share their personal data without intermediaries. It is implemented by applying SYN tokens: customers exchange their data for them. Therefore, companies are able to track information about users with their consent.

Blockchain helps to create a reliable ecosystem for the advertising industry. Technology returns users’ interest in ads, showing them only entertaining and relevant content.

Due to technology, ads are seen by real clients, which positively affects company operations.

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