Walmart drones to communicate using blockchain, Russian regions to invest in country’s digitization. Weekly news digest

Walmart drones to communicate using blockchain, Russian regions to invest in country’s digitization. Weekly news digest

While the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation is seizing crypto ATMs of BBFpro, Soluna is starting the construction of a power station for the mining project in Sahara. Read about record-holders of the patent applications in the field of blockchain and other hot news in our weekly digest.

Russia gets rid of crypto ATMs of BBFpro

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation showed interest in the official status of crypto ATMs – public officials started to take out crypto ATMs of BBFpro. The company’s management wasn’t informed and didn’t receive any queries from public bodies.

The director of BBFpro Artem Bedarev reports that they received only verbal explanations from authorities, according to which the legitimacy of terminals would be checked within half a year. The seizure is carried out by order of the Prosecutor General’s Office basing on the letter of the Central Bank. All 22 crypto ATMs of BBFpro have been removed from the streets of nine cities. The Central Bank explains these actions with the necessity to reveal illegal financial activities, although no laws forbid cryptocurrencies in Russia.

Investment plans for digital economy drafted in regions

By the end of 2018, Russia will establish the KPI that will determine the amount of regional investments in the digitization of the country. It was reported by the deputy prime minister of Russia Maxim Akimov. He emphasized that authorities would impose different requirements to regional and federal budgets. The decision was taken by the supervisory council of the independent nonprofit organization Tsyfrovaya Ekonomika.

The deputy prime minister also stated that federal budget expenditures on the Digital Economy program by 2024 are estimated at 1 trillion rubles. Maxim Akimov has not provided any forecasts on regional investments that will help to develop the digital economy. “That’s the work for the next year,” the deputy prime minister explained.

Walmart drones will communicate using blockchain

Walmart will use the blockchain technology to allow delivery drones to interact with one another. The US largest retailer has already filed a patent application to register a new blockchain-based system.

Using data stored in the distributed ledger, drones will exchange cargos. Delivery machines will be able to identify one another using ultra sound, QR codes, and RFID tags. The project that Walmart wants to patent also implies the use of smart contracts.

Alibaba and IBM – record-holders of patent applications in the field of blockchain

Alibaba (China) and IBM (USA) became absolute global leaders by registering a record number of patents related to blockchain. The data was provided in the report of iPR Daily. The media company analyzed all applications from Europe, the USA, Japan, China, and South Korea that were approved by regulators.

The China-based Alibaba has 90 approved patents that brought the company the first place on the list. IBМ is the second company in the ranking, having 89 approved applications. MasterCard follows with 80 patents. The Bank of America and the People's Bank of China are also on the list of leaders.

Power station for a mining farm to open in Sahara

A wind power station will be constructed in the desert to provide a cryptocurrency mining complex with electricity. The project is launched by Soluna, a company that specializes in mining. It intends to open a new mining farm in Morocco.

The total capacity of the station will be 900 MW. The management of Soluna reports that the enterprise will meet all ecological standards. It’s expected to be launched in 2019. According to forecasts, the mining farm will start with the capacity of 36 MW, and in five years, it will reach the figure of 900 MW.

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