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NAFS poll: 28% of Russians heard about cryptocurrency

Specialists of the analytical center at the National Agency for Financial Studies (NAFS) have conducted a poll showing that the majority of Russian inhabitants lacks information about cryptocurrency, as reported on the NAFS website.

1600 people over 18 years from 140 regions of Russia took part in the poll. According to the survey, 72% heard about the term “cryptocurrency” for the first time, 16% have some idea about digital money and 12% know it well. Only 1% of responders have used digital currency.

Among those who know about cryptocurrency, 34% read the related news and 38% consider crypto investments to be a good business.

Among those who have an idea about cryptocurrency, 48% think bitcoins should not be banned and only 20% are for its prohibition. 32% of them couldn’t answer.

It was also noted that in 2015, the number of the Russians with no idea about cryptocurrency was even higher – 81%.

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