How to assemble and set up farm for cryptocurrency mining: everything about crypto farms

How to assemble and set up farm for cryptocurrency mining: everything about crypto farms

With the help of cryptocurrency mining in blockchain, new blocks are created, and miners get profit. However, due to the growing competition, to get a reward for creating blocks is possible only if using powerful equipment: farms for mining. Let’s figure out how crypto farms look and how to build your own farm for cryptocurrency mining.

What is crypto farm?

Mining farm is one or more computers with connected computing devices. Cryptocurrencies can be mined through GPUs, CPUs and ASIC chips. Depending on the equipment used, the farms are divided into three types: GPU, CPU and ASIC farms.

Large farms are located in separate rooms and represent large data centers. They are built in areas with inexpensive electricity and consist of many computers and rows of equipment.

Usually, home mining farms include one computer and 4-6 video cards.

How to assemble a farm?

Before assembling, you need to choose the cryptocurrency to be mined. For example, bitcoin is more profitable to mine using ASICs. For other currencies, miners often choose video cards, since they provide a large variety of coins that can be mined and are relatively inexpensive.

When choosing GPUs, you should also pay attention to whether it is suitable for mining the desired cryptocurrency: it will ensure high productivity and revenue.

To assemble a standard farm, you will need:

  • HDD;
  • processor;
  • ASICs or GPUs (optimal number is 4-6 pcs.);
  • motherboard;
  • power supply unit (with a power reserve of 20-30%);
  • risers, i.e. adapters for connecting video cards;
  • cooler or fan for cooling.

The equipment is installed on one frame and assembled as a regular PC.

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How to set up mining farm?

The assembled farm for mining should be also set up: you must install the Windows operating system (preferably the 10th version).

The next step is to configure the software. It is necessary to install a miner and software for managing GPUs.

When setting up video cards, it should be noted that it is better to use no more than 70% of the performance: it will increase the service life of the equipment.

To free yourself from the constant check of the farm, miners also install the Team Viewer program: it manages the system remotely.

You also need to create a cryptocurrency wallet to get rewards, and join a mining pool: so that production is more profitable.

If you farm is assembled and set up properly, the purchased equipment will pay its way over time, and miners will receive the expected profit and stay in the black.

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