Whom can you meet at Blockchain Conference Moscow?

Whom can you meet at Blockchain Conference Moscow?

Blockchain Conference Moscow will take place pretty soon, on November 20. Well, who will join the discussion of blockchain, ICOs, and trading?

Representatives of what companies will speak at the conference?

Blockchain Conference Moscow will involve representatives of the following companies: PwC Legal Switzerland, KUNA.io, RACIB, and Bitfury Group.

PwC Legal Switzerland is a Swiss subsidiary of the law firm with the largest geographical reach, operating in 90 countries. The company will be represented at the conference by Dr. Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna, a partner and head of PwC Legal Switzerland. He will speak on the topic: Legal and Regulatory Challenges with Innovation.

KUNA.io is the first public crypto exchange in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries. The company will be represented by its founder – Michael Chobanian. He will tell the conference how to choose an appropriate service and why well-known foreign exchanges are not adapted to the CIS countries.

The Russian Association of Cryptoindustry and Blockchain (RACIB) is an association of developers and users of blockchain technology and products based on it. Its representatives will be Valeriy Petrov, one of the major Russian specialists in finances, investments, and blockchain as well as Vice President at RACIB, and Andrew Grachev, Vice President of trading at RACIB and official representative of Huobi Russia.

Bitfury Group is the biggest industrial miner beyond China and developer of Bitcoin blockchain software and hardware. It will be represented by Gerbert Shopnik,a customer relations manager for keynote contractors and partners. The speaker will talk about the possibility to apply blockchain without cryptocurrencies and the integration of blockchain into commercial and public sectors.

What official representatives will attend Blockchain Conference Moscow?

To listen to the speakers and to talk to the exhibitors, Blockchain Conference Moscow will be attended by the following representatives:

  • Sberbank: a Russian financial conglomerate and the largest bank of Russia, Central and Eastern Europe;
  • Kaspersky Lab: an international company specializing in the development of cyber threat protection systems;
  • KT Cloud lab: a Kazakh manufacturer of cloud services and contact center;
  • Collas Crill: a UK-based law firm;
  • Forex Club: a Russian group of companies, which is one of three leading participants of Russia’s Forex retail market.

Media partners of Blockchain Conference Moscow

Besides, organizers express their gratitude to media partners assisting in promoting the event. They include:

  • CoinDesk;
  • CryptoCoin.News;
  • ForkLog;
  • Coinspot;
  • MMGP.

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