Hotmine: sponsor and exhibitor of Blockchain Conference Moscow

Hotmine: sponsor and exhibitor of Blockchain Conference Moscow

Hotmine, the developer of mining equipment will present its products in the demo zone as part of Blockchain Conference Moscow. In addition, the company will be the Mining 2.0 sponsor of the event dedicated to cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Hotmine, the Ukrainian manufacturer of mining equipment has been working on various markets, including Russian, Georgian, American, Canadian and Indian ones, for five years. The company is developing the blockchain infrastructure, working out new mining technologies.

Since 2013, Hotmine has been improving immersion cooling technology based on a 55nm ASIC chip. In 2014, on the basis of the same chip, the company released a miner for residential heating. DataTank based on a 16nm ASIC chip has become one of the key Hotmine developments for industrial mining.

Hotmine is an R&D center for the blockchain enthusiasts. The company promotes and develops ‘Mining 2.0’ – a set of solutions, combining household ecological networks and mining systems.

Mining 2.0 means the efficient use of heat generated as a result of data processing systems operation. With the help of this energy, it is possible to heat buildings, roads, hospitals and schools. Representatives of Hotmine say that their main task is to use the most modern technologies and knowledge providing people with the maximum benefits.

The developer will be the Mining 2.0 sponsor of Blockchain Conference Moscow, which will be held on November 20 at InterContinental Hotel. The company will also become an exhibitor of the event: it will be possible to ask questions to Hotmine representatives in the conference demo zone.

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