Russian Government and universities discuss cryptocurrencies. Digest of week’s blockchain news

Russian Government and universities discuss cryptocurrencies. Digest of week’s blockchain news

Russia needs more and more blockchain and cryptocurrency experts: Chechnya is launching a government program for the crypto industry development, and Moscow is talking about the integration of blockchain technology in public administration. Where there’s demand, there’s supply: one of the Russian universities will soon start training blockchain specialists. Find details in the digest prepared by the media office of Blockchain Conference Moscow.

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics to teach blockchain to students

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics is launching a blockchain educational program. The Russian Association of Cryptoindustry and Blockchain (RACIB), the country’s largest non-commercial organization uniting blockchain community participants, will become a partner and advisor for the university. Besides, lecturers will include blockchain developers from the Non-profit Partnership “Union of Information Security Specialists”.

The program will be added to such courses as ‘Cryptography basics’ and ‘Application of blockchain technologies’, as well as a course dedicated to the digital economy and the use of blockchain in business software. Similar programs can be implemented in regional branches of the university.

Blockchain activists call for the return of cryptocurrency advertising

The RACIB has addressed major Internet companies, requesting to repeal a ban on cryptocurrency trading advertising. By the way, restrictions have become effective since January 2018. They were initiated by Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network ad service. Google and Twitter joined them in March 2018. Russia has also tried to restrict cryptocurrency promotion in media, but the information policy on them is favorable in general.

Currently, Google representatives say that the ban will be lifted for registered companies from the USA and Japan. Therefore, the RACIB asks the rest companies to relieve restrictions. According to Yury Pripachkin, the President of RACIB, the new advertising policy of Internet giants is a cartel agreement aimed at the market regulation.

Advisor to Russia’s President: cryptocurrencies positively affect economy

Sergey Glazyev, an economist and advisor to the President of the Russian Federation on regional economic integration, believes that Russia should develop and explore the blockchain sector. It was reported during his meeting with Leon Li, the founder and CEO of Singapore-based Huobi Group. According to Mr. Glazyev, blockchain can be used to prevent fraud in the financial industry, and Huobi Group is a promising partner for developing legislation on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Dmitry Peskov, Presidential Press Secretary engaged in digital and technological development issues, has expressed another opinion: the technology in its current state won’t replace a paradigm of existing informational systems primarily because it is difficult to verify the adequacy of data recorded on blockchain.

Central Bank exposes cryptocurrency financial pyramid

The Central Bank of Russia has passed information about Cashbery Group of companies, which activity has shown pyramid scheme features, along to the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to the inspection of the Central Bank, Cashbery raises funds in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum) and fiat money (rubles, dollars, and a range of other currencies). Deposit sums range from 1 thousand RUB to 3 million RUB. The company offers investors up to 550% per annum, explaining that the profitability is achieved by giving microloans. It does not carry out a real business activity.

Cashbery is the largest financial pyramid detected in Russia over recent years. Several dozens of thousands of people within the country and abroad are involved in its operations.

Chechnya to launch a mining pool

The authorities of Chechnya are going to establish a crypto cluster in the country. This idea will begin with a pool uniting EU miners: it is expected that its fees will be lower than the fees of other intermediaries.

Ramzan Kadyrov, the Head of the Chechen Republic, and Yury Pripachkin, the President of RACIB, were negotiating about the establishment of a cryptocurrency infrastructure in the republic. The spokesperson for Chechnya’s leader has confirmed this information. Creation of the pool is one of the points of the strategy for developing the CryptoChechnya region. This strategy was considered by republic economy experts in the end of August.

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