Where to invest in 2018: top 5 blockchain startups

Where to invest in 2018: top 5 blockchain startups

Blockchain opens up new opportunities in different areas, that’s why in 2018 the number of blockchain startups has only increased. Read about top 5 blockchain startups according to iHodl in the article.

ExtraCredit is an educational project where users study blockchain and get rewarded for it in Extra Credits (XTRA) tokens. The goal of the project is to popularize the blockchain technology and give the opportunity to learn more about it. ExtraCredit shares information about investments in blockchain projects, cryptocurrency management and how blockchain technology works around the world.

ShipChain is a logistics blockchain startup that allows you to track deliveries of any size from the moment of forwarding to receipt by the client. The project also covers all modes of transportation. Information about the package, points of sending and receiving, as well as additional data are stored in blockchain. After the package is delivered, the contract is saved and data on the cargo can be found in the system.

Cypherium is a blockchain platform developed by top managers from Amazon, Google and Microsoft. The platform features incredible scalability. Its goal is to use a hybrid mechanism to quickly process transactions at a much lower cost. The developers assume that the mechanism will process thousands of transactions per second.

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TraDove is a social network for B2B partners. This is a blockchain project that uses Ethereum-based smart contracts to make the cooperation of buyers, sellers and suppliers easier. TraDove has all the features of a social network, as well as special features for B2B buying and selling.

Coinlancer is a blockchain platform based on Ethereum, where freelancers and customers work through smart contracts. The platform ensures safe and transparent operation for both parties. Since Coinlancer works on blockchain, all transactions are encrypted and available in user accounts. Contractors receive payment for their work in CL tokens.

Blockchain can not only increase the reliability of transactions and provide an opportunity to monitor transactions, but also to make these processes much easier. Cryptocurrency has properties that no centralized bank can offer: no taxes, minimal commission costs, as well as transparency of operations and smart contracts.

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