On restrictions of smart contracts and weird solutions by Ethereum team

On restrictions of smart contracts and weird solutions by Ethereum team

How not to lose money when working with smart contracts? Blockchain and cryptocurrency expert from Kaspersky Lab Alexey Malanov will answer this question in the “Development and Marketing” stream at Blockchain Conference Moscow on April 17.


The topic of Alexey's presentation is «How you should not work with funds: restrictions of smart contracts and weird solutions of Ethereum developers».


The Ethereum cryptocurrency was launched in 2015, allowing programming the logic of management of money and digital assets. This logic is called “smart contracts”. The authors developed a special programming language Solidity and a virtual machine to perform these contracts in a decentralized form.

Much of Ethereum was created for the first time, and contains therefore non-trivial developer solutions. For example, the “re-entry opportunity” was an unpleasant surprise for the DAO investors when the attackers managed to steal about $50 million. In addition, smart contracts contain a number of restrictions. Alexey will help to avoid decisions related to the loss of money.

Alexey Malanov has been working at Kaspersky Lab since 2004. He started as a viral analyst, he protected computers from malicious programs. Four years later, he became head of the anti-virus research department. He started working with protective technologies in 2012. According to Alexey, the work is extremely important: experts protect power stations, oil pipelines and even airports.

Alexey has his own blog on the Laboratory website: on the research of cryptography and blockchain, as well as data protection. He also writes analytical articles for well-known IT journals. He completed the contest from blockchain.ru, picking up the key to the bitcoin wallet, preschedule in March.


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