Panel discussion as part of Blockchain Conference Moscow: how to hold ICO legally?

Panel discussion as part of Blockchain Conference Moscow: how to hold ICO legally?

One of the activities as part of Blockchain Conference Moscow will be a panel discussion. Five experts from the three countries together with a moderator Mikhail Uspenskiy will discuss the algorithm for conducting legal ICO.

Experts will consider all stages of crowd sales from a legislative prospective: founding and registration of the company, taxation, the attracting investments procedure, opening of a bank account, withdrawal of funds and their exchange to fiat. Most of the invited experts are lawyers, but there will be also opinions of an entrepreneur and a financier.

Discussion participants

  • Ekaterina Znamenskaya (Russia). Senior Lawyer at Nektorov, Saveliev & Partners (NSP). She received two degrees at the Higher School of Economics. The expert specializes in transactions with crypto assets, ICO projects and investment transactions.
  • Sandris Murins (Germany). Co-founder of Iconiq Lab. Entrepreneur, advisor on ICO and blockchain strategies. Co-founder of Iconic Lab, ICO project advisor, as well as blockchain researcher, author of articles dedicated to blockchain application.
  • Igor Voronin (Ukraine). Partner at Swiss Quote Bank in Eastern Europe and Asia. The expert has more than ten years of experience in the financial sector, asset management, including cooperation with the state regulator of financial services market, private American-based investment company Foyil Group.
  • Alvaro Rivero (Russia). Senior Lawyer at GMT Legal. He specializes in corporate law, international law, international transactions. The expert has working experience in five countries. He received a Master's degree in law from the Beijing Institute of Policy and Jurisprudence.
  • Maxim Pervunin (Russia). Managing Partner at TFH Russia, lawyer, expert in international financial, corporate law and trust management.


Blockchain Conference Moscow is an opportunity to ask questions to high-profile lawyers working with blockchain projects!

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