Professions in blockchain world: how much do crypto experts earn?

Professions in blockchain world: how much do crypto experts earn?

During ten years of its existence, blockchain technology has transformed working processes in various industries. Besides, the DLT influenced the labor market resulting in new professions and demand for blockchain experts. Let’s figure out job opportunities in the blockchain realm and salary level of crypto experts.


The technology develops, which pushes states to elaborate laws regulating crypto business. That is why companies in blockchain space need professional legal advice.

As qualified experts with knowledge of the DLT are a narrow niche on the labor market, they get an above-average salary.

What do crypto lawyers deal with?

  • ICO projects consulting and maintenance;
  • blockchain legal regulation;
  • legal protection of crypto exchanges;
  • criminal offences in the crypto realm;
  • crypto assets legacy.

Lawyers also assist in technology appropriate introduction in business, privacy policy, and other related issues.


Marketing is an indispensable part of any project, so crypto marketers are also needed in crypto business.

What tasks do crypto marketers perform?

  • create unique content;
  • promote a project in social networks;
  • maintain contact with interested users;
  • attract new participants and partners of a project;
  • present a project in the online and offline environment.

Marketers also help organize a successful ICO by attracting attention and investments to a project.

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Financial experts

Blockchain is a base for cryptocurrency generation, so financial specialists are appreciated. They include analysts, auditors, creditors, and exchange experts.

What are the main tasks of blockchain financial experts?

  • optimize expenses;
  • improve credit system;
  • boost interaction with banks;
  • evaluate and analyze crypto assets;
  • automate fundraising.

Financial experts in the blockchain universe ensure crypto assets security and upgrade financial tools.

IT specialists

IT experts are the most precious talents on the market of blockchain specialists. Development, projecting, and testing are the main tasks of programmers.

What are the requirements for IT experts?

  • know programming languages;
  • analyze engineering specifications;
  • design protocols using cryptography;
  • write codes and develop smart contracts.

Development of a blockchain network is an underlying part of the industry. That is why IT specialists are one of the most highly paid talents.

How much do blockchain experts earn?

As of October 2, 2018, a job seeking website Careerje offers 534 vacancies available on the Russian market by a keyword ‘blockchain’.

Having analyzed the list of offerings, we can conclude that IT experts get the highest salary — about 200 000 RUB. Marketers earn 150 000-180 000 RUB while sales specialists can draw salary of 100 000-150 000 RUB.

The similar service Gorod Rabot shows 272 vacancies. According to it, financial advisors earn > 60 000 RUB.

Since blockchain industry drives up, specialists undergo retraining and search for new job opportunities in the blockchain realm. The DLT reshapes the labor market and puts forward new requirements for talents.

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