Everything you need to know about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Best online media

Everything you need to know about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Best online media

The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly, the number of its participants is increasing. Those who are already doing business with the help of blockchain technology, as well as those who are only planning to take advantage of it are interested in the news in this field. The number of online media on blockchain and digital money is growing.

The websites differ from each other by headings, the frequency of publications, and the audience.

Russian bitcoin

ForkLog magazine is considered to be one of the biggest Russian-language Internet media on cryptocurrency and blockchain. It is a team of enthusiasts whose goal is the popularization of digital currencies in Russian-speaking countries. The website publishes news on the bitcoin industry, interviews with prominent market participants.

ForkLog posts from five to twenty different materials in a day: reviews of blockchain startups, blockchain implementation in business and government, regulation of cryptocurrencies in different countries, the dynamics of the bitcoin and altcoins rate, news from exchanges, crimes involving cryptocurrencies. ForkLog has from several thousand to tens of thousands views daily.

There is a section Cards on the site with explanations of the main cryptocurrency terms and concepts.

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The Russian-language information site bits.media is dedicated only to bitcoin and blockchain. It offers news summaries, information for miners, tips for safe using of cryptocurrency, and the files and links needed for this.

There is a forum and a section of blogs. The site is constantly updated with extensive statistics of cryptocurrency, there is a calculator and a section of reference information.

Russian business media CoinFox writes about the development of the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology in Russian and English. The website was founded in 2014. You can read here information about ICO, conferences, exhibitions and other events of the bitcoin industry, reviews and analytics. Five to seven texts per day.

The media, which calls itself “the first cryptocurrency media”, BitJournal, publishes about a dozen relevant news per day. Advice for beginners on mining and trading, ICO, announcements and reports on events, price of bitcoin and another 95 altcoins are among the headings.

The BitFeed news aggregator offers about 30 materials per day. There is a forum on the website, as well as different services (such as Twitter monitoring, mining calculator, BTC block explorer, etc.) and constantly updated graphics. Everyone can also offer ideas for the site development.

English-language online media

English-language blockchain and cryptocurrency media have a great resource for collecting and disseminating information. Therefore, their audience is wider: millions of unique visitors a month and tens of millions of views.

Founded in May 2013, the English-language edition of CoinDesk offers news, information about events, materials for everyone who is interested in a cryptocurrency topic. The mission of the media is informing and association of people related to blockchain.

Headings: technology, companies and markets, business, tips. News for the most part covers the world events. According to CoinDesk, 10 million unique visitors enter the site, the number of visits is 50 million per month.

The magazine has about 600 thousand subscribers in social networks.

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The Cointelegraph updates news feed several times per hour. In addition to the news, the online media publishes a bitcoin and altcoins’ price, an analyst with an emphasis on the opinions of leading experts, comments from representatives of the blockchain community. The site was launched in 2013.

The English-language portal Bitcoin News is owned by Saint Bitts LLC, which is registered in the island state of Saint Kitts and Nevis. At the same time in Bitcoin News explain that they are not connected with bitcoin and do not represent anyone's interests.

According to the media, Bitcoin News has correspondents in different parts of the world: from Vancouver to Tokyo. The subject is international politics and legislation in the field of bitcoin and blockchain, mining, innovation. There is a forum as well.

There is a convenient menu with headings on the CCN – CryptoCoinsNews.com. You can select news on the specific cryptocurrency, see the ICO calendar and detailed charts of currency price. There is also a constantly updated section on the capitalization of bitcoin and dozens of major altcoins.

Bitcoinist is another useful English-language resource about cryptocurrency and blockchain. There are news, reports, analytics, reports on the website. Here you can read not only about the digital currency, but also about new technologies and developments related to bitcoin industry and software.

It is important to obtain information from various sources to form your own opinion on certain processes in the blockchain industry.


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