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On 23 April 2014 Moscow hosted first large event in the history of Russian industry of virtual cryptocurrency - Blockchain Conference Russia. Leading Russian and foreign experts attended the conference, about 170 cryptoholics met in Tesla Loft.

General sponsor of Blockchain Conference Russia was innovative manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining hardware- HashCoins, platinum - European cryptocurrency exchange Indacoin, gold - investment and transactional system EXMONEY, silver - international cryptocurrency exchange Upbit.

Participants of the conference believe that conference venue, chosen by organizers, was rather symbolic. Everybody associated premises of once abandoned factory with imperfect organization and degradation of economic and financial structure of the world. Bitcoin-conference, in its turn, promotes a new perspective on the financial world. The name of the center where the conference was held - «Tesla loft», named after famous inventor and pioneer Nikola Tesla, and its address - Nizhny Susalny lane, as an analogy of gold and riches, coincided with concept of the cryptocurrency.

Representatives of Crypto Currencies Foundation Russia (CCFR) welcomed First Blockchain Conference Russia:

“On behalf of the Foundation and the entire cryptocurrency community we congratulate you on successful assimilation of the Russian financial cyberspace. This outstanding event brought together serious audience, today we're making history all together.

In global rankings on the number of Bitcoin users Russia ranked fifth with 204,502 users. This is not the final figure, because quantity of Bitcoin users in Russia is constantly growing. Before our eyes, new users of cryptocurrency and companies using Bitcoin in their activities are emerging – these are online shops, hosting companies, companies of service industry and even mass media. New business units are created and talented professionals come into the arena, contributing to the formation of right public opinion and culture of Bitcoin turnover that undoubtedly reinforces authority of decentralized cryptocurrency. 

Obviously, positive growth dynamics will contribute to strengthening Bitcoin in Russia and in the near future we will be able to take a strong leading position in the international ranking. This is we who can influence and make Russian authorities finally recover their senses and instead of repression and unhealthy speculation face us, recognize us as equal participants of the processes and become totally open to dialogue. We encourage everyone to use our advantage and do everything possible for civilized development of cryptocurrency market in the Russian Federation”.

Moderators of the first Blockchain Conference Russia were Dmitry Zhuravlev - CEO at HumanFactorLabs and Leonardo Perez - Bitcoin enthusiast from Venezuela.

Main discussions at Blockchain Conference Russia were on such topics as:

• Bitcoin: pyramid investment scheme or coin of the future?

• Sale and buying or Bitcoin operation

• Safety: what you should do to save your Bitcoins

• Business: how Bitcoin can affect your profitability

• Legal aspects of Bitcoin existence and usage

During the event, three roundtables were held providing opportunity to discuss legal issues, security issues and future of cryptocurrency.

The most interesting and relevant for all the participants of the meeting was the final round table dedicated to legal aspects of Bitcoin. Discussion lasted almost two hours and lawyers Maria Lepschikova,  Artyom Tolkachev and Maxim Kiselev answered a lot of questions from conference attendees, who were interested in requirements and limitations that must be considered when using electronic money, as well as in consequences and risks of trading Bitcoin in Russia.

There were also foreign speakers: representatives of Japan (renowned  expert in the world of cryptocurrency – Roger Ver), Germany (Bastian Brand - Investment Manager of the Pathfinder Crypto-currency Fund (PCF)), Belarus and Austria (Ivan Montik – founder of Bitcoin casino), Georgia and the United Kingdom (George Basiladze – founder of Cryptopay), Ukraine (Michael Chobanian – founder o f Kuna bitcoin agency) etc.

A lively debate has arisen around the speech by Ivan Tikhonov, who told about the ways to store cryptocurrency. Among the main threats such cases were named as loss of wallet and forgetfulness of their owners who cannot remember their passwords, or lack of desire to understand the intricacies of Bitcoin-wallet.

There were half-hour breaks for tea/coffee between the performances of speakers, and participants could get acquainted and discuss the future of cryptocurrency. This time has been actively used by representatives of venture capital funds. There were a lot of investors looking for projects for investment and "bright brains" among visitors. In particular, Maxim Krupyshev, managing director of Smetner, and a representative of a startup Fruitwallet told about constructive dialogue with the investors who were willing to make deals.

Also at the conference audience was first demonstrated automated device to exchange cryptocurrency. With such Lamassu Bitcoin ATM users can buy Bitcoins for cash.

Mass media also did not leave out the first Blockchain Conference Russian in the cold. On the grounds of the conference a documentary film will be made about the birth of Bitcoin in the CIS, where Blockchain Conference Russia will be for the fundamental industry event in Russia.

As conference experts stated, 2014 will be another great year for Bitcoin. Experts predict that by year-end Bitcoin exchange rate will be about $5000.

"Events like Blockchain Conference Russia give us a chance not only to discuss the opportunities and difficulties cryptocurrency usage in our country, but also to establish working relationships between industry leaders. I hope that Bitcoin meetings will become regular and all together we will be able to bring cryptocurrency to a new level when anyone will be able not only to buy it, but also spend it without any problem," Vitaly Morozov shared his impressions of the conference on website

Today benefits of Bitcoin are indisputable: largest market operators are willing to work with Bitcoin, it is the only currency of the world that is characterized by low transaction costs, instant cash out, control of funds, and high degree of anonymity. Experts say that if Russia starts accepting  Bitcoin then it will be immediately followed by Asia and the Middle East.

Blockchain Conference Russia is not going to rest on its laurels! Due to tremendous hype surrounding the event - the conference will become an annual event. Also organizers plan to hold a conference in Kiev and St. Petersburg this year.

Organizers are grateful to all the participants, visitors and partners of the conference and expressed hope for further cooperation and meeting next year. All information about Blockchain Conference Russia will be available on official website -

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